Meet Tiffany

My name is Tiffany Brunson.  I live in Gastonia, NC just outside of Charlotte, NC.  I am an artist, a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur who also enjoys science fiction, mathematics, and out dated video games.  I grew-up in SC, studied at Clemson, lived in MS, GA and currently in NC.  I studied Agricultural Engineering at Clemson University and still don't have much of a green thumb. So, I recreate in sugar what I can't seem to grow.  

I attended my first cake class way back in 1978 at J. C. Penney in Spartanburg, SC.  I was just 5 years old.  My Mom signed up for a Wilton class and took me with her one time.  I loved it, but I never got to go back.  Never let a 5 year old near colorful icing clowns.  YUM!  Lesson learned.  

So watching my mom make elaborate party and wedding cakes for people, and doing such amazing things with icings, I guess it was only natural that I follow in her footsteps.  

I made commercially ready cakes from 1998-2000, where I then went into management until 2007.  Having worked with this company for just over 8 years, I saw amazing mass cake production.  With mass production, there is very limited customization.  I began to wonder where the artistry of cake decorating went.

Turns out the artistry never left.  I, and many like me, are bringing it back to the forfront.  With artistry comes a need to continue training.  I travel to take classes with the top leaders in the industry.  I've attended the International Cake Exploration Societe convention and taken part in many hands-on classes.  

With changes in sugar based materials happening so rapidly, you have to stay abreast of every new product so the client has amazing options for their custom creation.   I have been invited to teach locally, but right now prefer working with the client to provide a top skill within this market.  

I would love to work with you.