f r e q u e n t l y    a s k e d    q u e s t i o n s






Is it legal to bake and sell from home?  Yes.  In North Carolina home based bakers are allowed to produce shelf stable product with inspection from the Department of Agriculture. http://www.ncagr.gov/fooddrug/food/homebiz.htm
Are you insured?  Yes I am.  Proof of insurance is available upon request.
Do you offer a tasting session?  Yes.  You may book an appointment online for no less than 3 days from now, or call 704.964.5649.  This gives time for invoicing, flavor choices, and baking. Tastings are $30 paid at least 48 hours in advance. This fee will be deducted from your order if booked within two weeks of your tasting.  During the tasting appointment, you'll taste cakes, fillings, icings and fondants.  Flavor options for tasting will be discussed when scheduling this appointment.  If no choices are made at least 48 hours before the appt. you will received chef's choice.
Everyone's time is valuable, so let's make the most of it.  The tasting appointment is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes). To make the most of your time, please bring with you any design ideas, pictures, color swatches, and visions you may have to help create your custom cake. Also think about the investment you would like to make concerning your day and come with that in mind.  
If you must reschedule our appointment, you must provide no less than 24 hours notice for a refund of your fee.  All is made fresh for you, and I'm sure you would only want to sample the freshest possible.  With that said, I do my best not to hold onto cake for you to try days later than planned.  If you were unable to provide notice, you will need to schedule a new tasting session with new payment.
Can the tiers be different flavors?  Absolutely!!  This is your cake. You make it what you want.  Check out our flavors.
How much is a cake? Please see our page on pricing.  As a custom studio, all prices are dependant on the design of the commissioned cake.  The final design and size of the cake determines the final price.
How big is a serving?  I use the industry standard of 4" x 2" x 1".  This gives a good idea of how much cake is needed for an event.  I cannnot guarantee the cake will serve an exact amount.  This depends on how the cake is cut.  If you are not serving a meal, you may desire larger pieces to be served.  Let me know, and we will adjust the design to accommodate your wishes.  
Do you provide cutting instructions?  Yes I do.  It will be a traditional cutting pattern.  The instructions will be left with you, the caterer or the event manager. If no one is available, the instructions will be left with the extra cake boxes, typically under the skirted cake table.
Can you produce a carved cake?  Yes.  Carved cakes start at $200.  
Do you make cupcakes, cakepops or decorated cookies? I now offer cupcakes!  I also offer sculpted cupcake toppers for you to apply to your cupcakes.  I do offer the beautifully molded springerle cookies, but not iced sugar cookies.   Check out my cookies here!  Cake pops have a minimum quantity of 24 basic pops or 12 highly customized pops. See the page on pricing for more details.
Do you deliver?  Your cake will be delivered, set-up and refined so that you have no worries with transporting it your-self, unloading it or carrying it to its stand. Free delivery within 10 miles of Tiffany's Cakery.  All these wonderful venues plus many more are within 10 miles:  Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, Separk Mansion, Loray Mills Event Hall, Gastonia Country Club, Stowe Manorand Marriott Courtyard of Gastonia.  For a fee of $75, your cake will be delivered up to 50 miles, set-up and refined. Beyond 50 miles?  Call for quote.  For delivery to Charleston or Atlanta, delivery fee is approx. $400 but may vary.  Cakes are well protected, themal containers, dry ice, etc for safe transport up to 8 hours away.  
If you prefer to pick-up your order, then please call, and we will make arrangements. This is highly discouraged if the cake is beyond 14 inches in height.
​Is there a minimum purchase?  The minimum purchase for any custom order is $50.  The exceptions are the purchase of printed sugar sheets ($12/sheet) for you to apply to your own creations, sculpted cupcake or cake toppers and cookies. Click here for more details.
Do you require a deposit?  I require a non-refundable retainer to book a cake. The retainer is 50% of the total balance of the order.  Balance is due 3 weeks before your cake is due. 
What are your payment terms?  If the order is placed and due within three (3) weeks, the order must be paid in full at the time of booking.  If you have paid a retainer, the balance is due no later than three (3) weeks before you need the cake.  
Cancellation policy?  If cancellation is necessary, the retainer portion is non-refundable. If the order is cancelled within two (2) weeks of the event, there is no refund.  
How far in advance should I book my cake?  In order to ensure your date is available, I recommend booking early. Wedding cakes are commonly booked up to six months in advance.  Party cakes are commonly four to eight weeks in advance. 
Do you rent accessories?  There are cake stands and plateaus available to customers.  I do not offer stands without a purchase.  Deposit is required for use.
Are there other fees besides the cost of the cake and delivery?  Some cakes require a specific skeleton for stability.  If your cake is such that it requires this for stability, there is a deposit required.  It is fully refunded when all the parts are returned within 5 days.