p r i c i n g

Tiered cakes start at $125, and the final price is determined by the size and end design. 

Layer cakes start at $55 for 6" round.

Cupcakes start at $42 for the first 24; $144 for 96.

Like these cookies?  See below for more information.

Cookies have a $30 minimum.  They are all pressed cookies.  Currently, no iced sugar cookies are available. 

The Springerle cookie, pictured above, is a molded, dense, biscuit-like cookie that is as delicious as it is beautiful.  It is firm on the outside but features a tender inside.  Your cookies are carefully packaged and ready for you to display, gift or use as favors.  Call or schedule a consult today to discuss your needs!  


Check out our gift box of cookies available from our Etsy Store.

Price per cookie varies depending on selected mold (size of cookie).

5 flavors to choose from: Almond, Anise, Lemon, Orange and Orange-Almond.

Cake pops start at $2 each, each pop has a flat  top perfect for standing on a platter.  For $2.25 per pop, they will be rounded on top and suited for pushing the sticks into a cake pop stand.  24 pop minimum. 

One flavor per 24 pops, two colors plus white for the candy shell and sparkling sugars, shimmer dust, and sprinkles included.  These will be individually packaged, sealed, and tied with coordinating ribbon to match your event. 

Customizations available.  Need each hand piped, decorated, shaped, etc.  Minimum quantity is reduced, but price per pop  is higher. Most customizations are around $4 each.