t h e     t a s t e s

Denotes Tiffany's Cakery's signature flavors. These flavors are excellent together.   


Sour Cream Almond Cake  


Our sour cream almond cake is a good cross between a butter cake and a traditional pound cake. As the most popular cake by far, it has proven itself to pair well with everything - fruit fillings in the spring and summer, rich chocolates in the fall and winter and you just can't go wrong with buttercream all year round.  


Banana Made with fresh bananas and a hint of lemon, this moist, delicious and light cake is excellent year round.  Go rich with flavor by adding a peanut-butter buttercream filling and top the cake with a thick layer of smooth rich chocolate ganache.  Or go lighter with a lemon cream cheese filling and fluffy white chocolate buttercream frosting.



Chocolate  Not too rich, not too light, our chocolate cake is just right! Enhanced with just a touch of espresso to bring out the chocolate flavor, this cake will make your guests race for seconds. Need a death by chocolate experience?  Pair this with a ganache filling and icing and be overtaken by the chocolate bliss.



Lemon  A lovely lemon cake that is so perfect especially in the spring and summer for its light texture. It can be paired with many choices from white chocolates to a blueberry-lemon butter cream that is absolutely amazing!  



Red Velvet Another southern favorite. A light chocolate cake easily recognized by its red velvet color and filled with your choice of cream cheese icing or our traditional buttercream icing.



Strawberry  Well who doesn't love strawberry cake? Especially one with 12 ounces of real strawberries added to each batch! This is an old favorite and loved by all. Pairs nicely with the white chocolates, plain cream cheese, and vanilla butter cream.  *has seeds.

 Sweet Potato Bourbon An old family recipe passed down to me by my mother, this is always a favorite of  mine especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A dense moist pound cake made with freshly cooked and mashed sweet potatoes, zested and squeezed oranges, Marker's Mark bourbon, pecans (optional) and spices.  This cake is fantastic naked or paired with cinnamon or espresso cream cheese icing.  It is heavenly!  This cake is by far the most popular winter wedding cake we make.  


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Butter Cream

A classic American butter cream made fresh to order with whole natural butter.  You will not be disappointed with this wonderful frosting on your cake.  This butter cream is not a shortening butter cream that can leave your mouth feeling greasy, but a wonderful butter cream that melts in your mouth. This icing makes a great filling and/or icing on the cake. This frosting is offered in multiple flavors, and upon request, most any flavor,  with or without an add-in (such as mini chocolate chips or crushed cookies), can be created just for you. Our basic flavors are as follows: Almond, Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mint, Key Lime, Lemon, Orange. 

Cream Cheese

A phenomenal frosting for a wide variety of cakes. This is not always suitable for an icing when the weather is warm, but always makes an excellent filling.  Offering the following standard flavors, but additional flavors, with or without add-ins available upon request: Plain, Lemon, Cinnamon, Key Lime and         Espresso (our signature frosting)


Fruit Jam

Fruit fillings are a nice alternative or addition to frosting in the center of a cake.  Peanut butter sandwiches are good, add the jam and they are great! Do you want your guest to immediately roll their eyes at another piece of vanilla cake and vanilla icing. NO! You want them to marvel at the various layers of cake in each slice, each possibly its own flavor.  Then they see the color pop between the layers from that thoughtfully added filling. Chocolate cake?  Try Raspberry. Almond cake? Cherry is delicious with it.  Lemon cake? Blackberry and blueberry are both amazing with lemon. All flavors are seedless.  Other options dependent on availability, but please ask if you prefer a flavor not listed. Blueberry, Blackberry, Morello Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry.



I have been asked lately, "What is ganache?" Ganache is a soft chocolate that has a spreadable consistency and firms up nicely like fudge.  Whipped ganache is nice on a cake for a lighter feel. Chocolate comes in many forms, and the type of chocolate you prefer will be used: White, Milk, Dark.